Thursday, April 5, 2007

What Your Webmail Client Says About You

The folks over at DoubleViking have comprised a little chart telling you what the mail client you use says about you. Interesting.... I'm:


You Are: Al Gore

Just like Al Gore does know, Gmail users know they are better than you. Their houses are carbon neutral. Their cars run on solar power and cat farts. And their e-mail client has over 2,600 MB of space (and growing!) And did we mention the automated message grouping, advanced search strings, and integrated chat function? What? You’re still not using Gmail? Jesus. You might as well just light a baby polar bear on fire and laugh as the smoke from its burning corpse cuts away yet another swath of the ozone layer, you uncaring bastard.

Find out what you are, or what to avoid at their website:

What Your Webmail Says About You