Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Shannon and I were just talking about this today. Haven't heard anything from Alanis Morissette in a while. Jagged Little Pill is still one of the only albums I can listen to all the way through, sing the words to every song, and never get tired of. After the disappointment of her last album then not hearing anything from her besides an acoustic version of the above, I was beginning to wonder whether we'd ever hear anything from her again. I was pleasantly overjoyed when this little breath of fresh air buzzed across HotAir's wires today, so I had to grab it:

Ahhhh... Nobody does it quite like Alanis...

This made me smile, I had to share. :)
Hoping that this means we might see a new album from her soon. I'm tired of everything on the radio right now. As I saw it put on Wired's Entertainment blog yesterday:
"(The major labels) have broken away from something that they were extremely good at in the past, which was the development of their particular act or artist," says Stuhlmacher. "They now tend to sign (a bunch of) acts and throw them against the wall of radio and basically see what sticks." - Brian Stuhlmacher, president of cddesign.com (a division of his DiscMasters company).
For comparison purposes only, the original song by the Black-Eyed Peas. Please do not watch it longer than you have to; I will not be responsible for any head explosions or eye gougings.

Definitely Cr@zy.