Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cr@zy Brain

Imagine your brain... it's pink and squishy... well, actually, from what I've heard, it's grey - but that's beside the point. It's such a small amount of surface area altogether, yet it stores the vastest amount of information conceivable. We can't even tap into a THIRD of our brain's resources with everything we know. There is so much information filed away up there that we probably wouldn't even know what to do with it. Hell, I have a hard time managing all the stuff that swirls around in there now - I could never imagine adding more to the mess!

Don't believe that the brain is an incredible specimen? Have a look at this:

Rae yuo hianvg a hrad tmie riandeg tihs rgiht nwo? Fi os, tehn yuo pbalbory aenr't a vrey samrt prosen. Aocrnidcg ot a sudty dnoe yb Cmidbrage Usnevirity, sa lnog sa het frsit nad lsat ltetres rae ni het cerocrt pcelas, ti dseno't metatr woh mcuh fo a mses het rset fo tehm rae.

Tihs si baescue yuor biran rdaes wrods sa a wlhoe uint nad ont ltetre yb ltetre. Msot pleope dno't hvae a hrad tmie riandeg mleispesld wrods cerocrlty ofr tihs smae roesan.

Fi yuo cna't raed tihs, I dno't konw waht to tlel yuo. :)


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