Monday, April 2, 2007

Washington DC Trip Pictures

Here are the pics from Travis and I’s trip to Washington, DC, last week. Travis took most of them with my camera… We ended up with some really nice weather on Thursday and Friday; walked the ENTIRE Mall on Thursday, and spent about 2 1/2 hours in Arlington Cemetery on Friday afternoon before we left. As you can see, the pictures turned out AWESOME!

The Washington Regency Hyatt on Capitol Hill

the hotel we stayed in

picture courtesy of Washington Regency Hyatt

The view out the window of our hotel

nice, huh?

Cherry Trees in full bloom…

boy are these stinky, though!

The Capitol Building

luckily there weren’t any cr@zies around…

Statue of Grant

in front of Capitol

I just thought this was so cool, with the lions…


unfortunately, we didn’t get to go inside :(

The Washington Monument

*Funny story on this one:


Later that evening, I am having a conversation with my son, Brodyn, on the phone. I was explaining everything I got to see that day to him.

M: “And I saw the White House…. and…”

B: “Yeah, that’s where the Oval Office is.”

M: “That’s right! The Oval Office IS in the White House! You know a lot about Washington DC already.”

B: “Yeah, there’s eagles there, too.”

M: “I’m sure there are, that’s our national symbol.”

B: “And the President.”

M: “Yep. We also got to see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Monument…”

B: “Yeah, the Lincoln Monument is that tall pointy white building…”

M: “No, that’s the Washington Monument. The Lincoln is the one that’s rectangular with all the pillars, and a big statue of Lincoln inside….”

B: “NUH-UH! The pointy one is the Lincoln, I know!”

M: “No, that’s the Washington…”

B: “No, mom. It’s the Lincoln.” (in that matter-of-fact tone)

(Dad in the Background): “Brodyn, the pointy one is the Washington…”

B: “Oh…”

Just funny how he thought he was going to argue with me like I didn’t know or something. HEL-LO!! Like I wasn’t just there! He is such a silly kid sometimes!


Flag at WWII Memorial

how patriotic…

WWII Memorial

this is pretty new… so if you haven’t seen it yet,

you’re in for a real treat! There are inscriptions

in the stone EVERYWHERE, and the wreaths and

fountains represent different states and territories

that were involved in the conflict. An awesome

tribute to those who gave their lives fighting for

the freedom of so many in that War.

Old Honest Abe

no trip to DC would have been complete without

this photograph! You can’t not go to the

Lincoln Monument!!

** My brother suggested getting naked and sticking

Nicotine patches all over myself for the photo.**

(If you haven’t seen “Thank You for Smoking”,

please disregard the above statement.) :)

The Vietnam Memorial

what a cool picture….

This place was very sobering,

to see how many people gave their

lives during this War… saddening, really…

The Mall from Arlington

one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen…

The trees in blossom made it all the prettier.

Changing of the Guard

at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

very humbling…

USS Maine Casualties

some of these tombs were marked “unknown”

The cemetery was definitely my favorite part of

the trip – makes you realize the price that has

been paid for us to live in the society we are

currently destroying…

Thanks for looking! Hopefully next time I go I will get to see more, but I am content with what I was able to see! (Not to mention worn out from all the walking!)

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