Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sims 2 Seasons - YESSSSSSS!


Seriously, though... it hit the shelves today, and I couldn't help myself. It was priority #1 for the day. I always love when a new expansion pack comes out - it's like CHRISTMAS!

I've already played it, and the first thing I have to say is that the hype is NEVER worth it. Boy I had myself all worked up for this one, and it was the same as always: bored after 15 minutes but still could not seem to stop playing. There are some interesting new features that come with this latest release: Seasons, weather, the ability to plant and grow things, a few new careers and interactions, and the added need to keep the Sim warm or cool according to the temperature. Oh yeah, and Plant People (LOL!)

The seasons and weather changes give your Sims some new stuff to do: there's gardening in the spring, new pool stuff and family interactions for summer, harvesting and fall activities in autumn, and the usual winter fun - snow included. You can also fish if you have a pond in your yard. The fish and the vegetables you harvest are able to be sold or used for your own consumption, and there are benefits that come with eating your produce. Some new climate-appropriate fashions have been added to the wardrobe, and new objects to accommodate every season or setting! How fun!

All this in addition to the ability to drive a car, run a business, go to college, fill needs / wants, work, raise a family, have pets... it's almost exactly like real life. Now I'm wondering: what next? I can never imagine the next thing they will come up with to enhance simulated living, but I'm sure it's probably only going to get better from here on out.

My only complaints so far are that it's a bit of a memory hog if you don't have much to work with... you're better off running it on a pretty fast system if you don't like hang time. Also, none of my custom content is working as of right now, we'll see what happens over the next few days; I'm sure patches will be released for that.

If you're ready to check it out, Amazon has it in stock right now. They have a few screenshots there and a bit of detailed information on the game. If you really want to see it in action for yourself, then there's no better place to go than EA Games official Sims 2 Website. They also have it available for purchase and direct download if you don't feel like going anywhere.

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