Thursday, March 1, 2007

RaWK Out to Your Fave Tunes

Another coolio site for all the music cr@zies out there!


This is pretty slick. You get to make playlists of whatever songs you want (well, those they have in their database, which is pretty extensive). Lots of playlists. Then you can listen to them wherever you want: on their site, on a blog, or myDisgrace [Space]. This is pretty nice if you want to listen to music while you're doing other things, and there's no hunt-and-peck through your collection to get together what you want. It's free, so why not? The only downfall is that you can only add 3 songs per artist to each playlist... so you can't do that all Bananarama playlist you were hoping for - but you could just go all out and make an "Annoying 80's Music" playlist instead. If you get stumped for what to fill in the rest of your playlist with (like above said playlist), Finetune will find and fill in songs that are similar to those you already picked. And, if you are just in the mood to listen to random whatever stuff, they also have some pretty cool preprogrammed stations as well.

You can see an example of the widget they provide for blogs at the bottom of my blog (and you can listen to my kick@$$ playlist too, while you're down there LOL!). It is very simple to install (almost no effort!) and is available right on their site. FAN-TASTIC!

Carry on!