Friday, May 18, 2007

Cr@zy Peanut Butter - P.B. Loco

OK, when… how…. I want to know why I didn’t know about this before now!!

P.B. Loco — “The Adult Peanut Butter”

Yes, it’s true. They have hacked into one of our childhood favorites and made it worse for us than it might already be. P.B. Loco is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty gourmet peanut butters. In addition to that, they have several locations around the country called “Peanutbutterlicious Cafes”, where PB lovers can go and enjoy their yum-o creations in the form of horrible, horrible sandwiches, wraps, freezes, and more. Take this for example:

Peanut Butter with CoCo Banana
Deep, rich chocolate and bananas from the heart of the untamed jungle fused with our premium peanut butter”
(image & quote from P.B. Loco Website)

On their website, they offer recipes and the ability to purchase their peanut butters, as well as some other helpful (awful) info including the Menu at their “restaurant” and a map of locations and such.

And all I have to ask is WHY? Loco = Cr@zy, maybe there’s a connection…

thanks to Boing Boing for the heads up.