Thursday, March 6, 2008

but it's March!!!

so this is what i get for poking fun at everyone up north when it was 80 degrees here while it was snowing here...

It turned quickly from rain into sleet into 1 1/2" flakes of snow in less than an hour, and this was the scene in less than two. As of right now the major roads and highways have become parking lots and all school has been cancelled or closed already for tomorrow. As much as 6" fell in Haslet just 20 mins. north of here, but we only got at most 2" total and for now (and probably for good) it has stopped. SPEEEECIAL.

They were also calling for "thundersnow"... which when I hear thunder I do NOT expect to look out the window and see SNOW with LIGHTNING BEHIND IT. Bullsh*t. And to think it was 80 last weekend.... almost 70 yesterday... can we say sick? UUUGH!