Sunday, February 10, 2008

Project: Valentines

my stepdaughter's Valentine's Day box & cards... inspired by me; worked on be Courtney, Daddy & me!! it was a family project! :D

i was inspired by a LO in last month's Scrapbooks Etc. to do these cards -- she loves kitties so heart shaped kitties were a big hit! they have heart-shaped suckers stuck to the backs of them (her idea). as far as the box goes, she WANTED to build a house out of painted popsicle sticks but my creativity conscience was telling me not to do it, so thank goodness we found the foam house kit! and all turned out well :D

thanks for looking, lots of fun, and this will make a cute deco for her bedroom when it's all said and done!!


* Empty Shoe Box :D
* Foam House kit / Heart Garland / Cardstock / Pipe Cleaners - Michael's
* Pattern Paper - ProvoCraft
* Letters - Wal-Mart
* Ribbon - Offray