Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Congratulations, P@ris!

So she gets out, what, tomorrow at noon? I don't know - I gave up following it after she started talking about "finding Jesus". I am super-proud of her, though - she managed to serve her time without so much as a billion dollar lawsuit - just some lame immature antics and Valtrex Withdrawals...

In honor of Paris' release from the Linwood Women's Prison out in Cali, this is my pick for Music Video Monday - or Tuesday - I was lazy yesterday and I also wanted to try to get it closer to the time of her actual "release" (lol, it's like they're freeing a captive animal...)

And because Shannon said she never saw this one. Cracks me up every time :) Enjoy.

Pink - "Stupid Girls"

Congrats Paris - enjoy that afterparty (since you're so turning over a new leaf now, an afterparty is the most appropriate thing to do, RIGHT?) Cr@zy.